October 06, 2010

Day 3 of Adriamycin #5

Things are so far, so good - with the exception that my mouth sores are multiplying. I called Dr G's office yesterday to report another tender spot. Nurse J called back to say he wanted me to start acyclovir (an anti-viral medication) five times a day, in addition to the GelClair mouth rinse three times a day and clotrimazole troches (lozenges) five times a day. Not to mention gargling with salt water every hour or so.

The biggest news is that Dr G wants me to have three weeks of treatment followed by a week off. Since this past Monday was the third in a row, no treatment for me next week. Woohoo!

I hope that the acyclovir will keep the mouth sores at bay and that the rest of this week will go well. I am glad Dr G is being cautious about not exposing me to increased risk for infection etc. by treating me three weeks on/one week off. (Last year's four-in-a-row of 5FU put me in the hospital for almost two weeks. Read the posts from 4/27/09 - 5/12/09, or search on the Swedish Medical Center tag if you want details.)

So far the Adriamycin has been remarkably tolerable. Let's hope for effective! My next scan is on Friday, and I get the results next week.

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  1. I swish with aloe vera juice when I get mouth sores. They heal within about two days. It coiled be another option? It doesn't have many side effects. Here'snhoping Adriamycin works for you!