October 13, 2010

National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day

Today, October 13, is National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day. The purpose isto educate the public that there is no cure for what I have. Read this Huffington Post article for more information. Or check out the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network.

Metastatic breast cancer is a different disease than early stage breast cancer. I am glad that  your aunt beat Stage 1 breast cancer, that your friends who had surgery, chemo, and radiation are now fine. I was fine for four years before my mets were found, the day I broke my leg.


  1. What I hate is when someone speaks of 'beating' the disease. I'll bet there was a time that you thought that you had beat it as well. We just never know for sure. We don't, unless it comes back. And then we know for sure. And that's even worse.

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  3. Thanks for helping make everyone more aware of metastatic breast cancer. It deserves more attention, more research, more funding.