September 28, 2010


On Saturday it was so warm that I decided it was time to uncover my head and expose my 1/4 to 1/2 inch long hair to the world. Although there are still some skimpy patches, and my hairline starts very high on my forehead, it basically looks like I have an extremely trendy, cutting-edge 'do. I also put in my contacts for the first time in months, used some eye makeup (I now have dark eyelashes again, but my eyebrows continue to need help on a daily basis), wore a cute dress and HUGE silver hoop earrings.

Of the 30 or so people at our party, only one made a comment to Rik that he was glad I'd uncovered my head, because they all wanted to know what I looked like. Now if I'd been baby-butt-bald all this time, I don't think this person would have wanted to see my head. Nor would I have wanted to expose my head in that state.

Patrick Stewart
Nothing says cancer for young women quite like looking like Yul Brynner or Patrick Stewart. 
Yul Brynner

(As it is, I have my father's hairline and I look like a male version of myself.)
But since I never lost all my hair, and since the thinning has slowed considerably, I am comfortable going out in public without a scarf. On cooler mornings I wear a hat, but take it off when I am indoors. I did that yesterday at chemo and a woman in the waiting room commented on low cute I looked and said seeing me with hair gave her hope that her hair would come back too.

The only other person who commented on my "trendy" haircut was the four-year-old who wanted to touch my thin short hair and asked why it was like that. I told here it was a very stylish, very short haircut, and did she want one like it the next time her hair needed to be cut? (She demurred.)


  1. I love your hair, but your smile is beautiful. It lights up your face. :)