October 15, 2010

Cooking up a storm

It's been a week of cooking. As I began to feel better after a week without chemo, my enjoyment in the kitchen increased.

Monday was broiled fresh tuna steaks marinated in ponzu sauce, vegetables and (okay, frozen) vegetable potstickers.

On Tuesday I made dinner for a local family (of, course, we ate a portion as well): roast chicken, cut sweet bell peppers, rice, and some parve chocolate chip cookies.

(I can't remember Wednesday.)

On Thursday I invited the synagogue's staff over for lunch to thank them for all their hard work and many hours during the recent holidays: pumpkin-peanut-curry soup, ramen salad, roasted chicken with zucchini and lemon juice, ginger-chocolate biscotti and dark chocolate bark with pecans and dried cherries.

Tonight's Shabbat dinner: more of the pumpkin-peanut-curry soup, homemade challah (from one of the dinner guests), spiced roasted onions, carrots, peppers and zucchini, turkey breast with garlic, lemon and thyme, mashed potatoes with garlic and olive oil, green salad, the rest of the biscotti and oven-roasted pears.

(We ordered pizza for dinner last night.)


  1. Ok I really need to ask.. What is a "Potsticker"
    I have heard the term before but I am clueless.

    You menu sounded absolutely delicious...

    After Chemo I could not even tolerate the odour of cooking...

    Hope you are feeling alright.....

    Alli xx

  2. It all sounds wonderful. Maybe I'll feel more like cooking, too, then when I finish my chemo this week.

  3. Potstickers are Asian ravioli -- noodle dough filled with chopped sauteed vegetables (in this case). I buy them frozen in a bag at Trader Joe's, heat some oil in a skillet and pan fry for a few minutes, then add a couple tablespoons water, cover and steam gently for another few minutes. Serve with ponzu sauce made of equal parts soy sauce/tamari, lime juice, rice vinegar and a little hot chili oil or peppers or Thai sweet chili sauce. Delicious!