October 22, 2010

Another article

A few months ago I was interviewed for an article on lingering effects on life after (or in my case, with) cancer for Health To You magazine (h2u). h2u is a membership organization providing "benefits and resources that support your health and well-being." The article came out recently and I received a copy of the magazine from the author.

The article is called "A lifelong journey: How cancer survivors pick up the pieces." Although I was not featured on the cover, the table of contents on page two shows a picture of Bobka and I (he's nosing my face) as the draw for the article on page six. There is also a cute photo of me with both dogs at my section of the article. In this one, Pumpkin is licking my face.

The article itself features four people: a man with advanced melanoma that has spread into his bones and liver; a woman with advanced, squamous cell carcinoma on her tongue; a woman who developed lymphedema after her breast cancer surgery; and me. The man and I are the only people interviewed who have metastatic disease -- cancer that has spread outside the original area of diagnosis.

I was happy to talk with the author and she did a great job of listening to me and telling part of my story in this article. 

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  1. Thanks for being so willing to share your story with the world. It's so important to continue getting the word out about the different types of cancer. Bobka is sure sweet looking. I wrote a post about my dogs helping me when I got my diagnosis. They truly help me get through every day. www.nancyspoint.com