August 01, 2010

More pain

My pain from the hand-foot syndrome increased a lot over the weekend and so has the discomfort in my mouth and throat. After spending most of Saturday and Sunday on the sofa and taking close to the maximum daily dose of Vicodin, my plan is to try to get in to see the onc tomorrow if possible. Plus I will call the naturopath. Someone ought to take a throat culture and treat whatever is going on in my mouth, and I'm hoping to get moved onto different pain meds. My left hand is also puffy from lymphedema and the hand-foot thing and I am reluctant to bandage for fear of making the H-F syndrome worse. It's a vicious circle.

Of course my fear is that if I can't manage the side effects after only two rounds of Doxil, how will I handle four more treatments? Maybe I can persuade Dr G to reduce the dose or maybe he has other ideas.


  1. I hope that the doctor has some ideas. I will pray harder for the 'manageable side effects' part...

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Hoping you feel much better, very soon. I really appreciate your candour and the detailed information about your treatment and side effects, esp. because you give the full picture. Everyone ends up with their own 'arsenal' or cocktail for treatment and how they interact together is as important as what each drug / strategy does. I esp. like that you are integrating holistic approaches with the cooperation of your other physician. This blog is amazing. --kathleen from the club list.

  3. Jill sometimes I think we do very well when it comes to being 'our own' doctors. Think the throat culture sounds like a good idea.
    I pray that the answers will be forthcoming.