August 26, 2010

Another good visit

We had another good visit with my mom this past week. It may well have been the best one ever. Mom dealt beautifully with my bald head, saying that "you still look like you." We reminisced about my dad and other family memories.

Mom read to me a love letter that my dad wrote to her two years before they were engaged or married. They must have had a tiff, because in the letter he apologizes and says that she is the only girl for him. I never knew my dad was such a romantic!

I shared a letter Dad had written to me in 1978 when I was studying in Israel for the year. It's something I had kept private from the rest of the family all this time. Mom took home my letter and will share both with my sister.

I leapt right back into meetings, appointments etc. but had a good day. Now I am off to the onc and will report in on his recommendations soon.

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