February 14, 2010

Recovery two weeks out

I've been feeling fine recently but yesterday had more pain around my tummy than I'd expected. Vicodin took care of that but also put me to sleep for too many hours. I napped from 10-ish to 1:30 and then again in the afternoon.

Same thing this morning. I woke up feeling fine but within an hour was hurtin'. Again vicodin to the rescue but it still put me to sleep. (I guess I have to readjust to it after the week off after surgery..)

At least I got in that hour -- made waffles for breakfast with maple syrup, cut kiwis, and Greek-style yogurt for me. Neighbors going on a trip had given us some citrus, so fresh grapefruit and Jaffa orange juices were on the menu. I made Rik an Americano. (For you non-Seattleites, that's a shot of espresso with hot water added to fill the cup).

Now we're off to a shiva minyan for the father of a good friend. Then run an errand. I must be feeling better.

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