February 05, 2010

Recovery days 3 and 4

I felt even better yesterday than the day before, so good in fact that when G came over to walk the dogs I went with her. I can walk, just am not so steady on my feet that I want to walk alone in case I should fall. And certainly can't bend over quite far enough to pick up the poop....

Taking a walk, eating a bagel and lox and visiting with a friend were clearly the highlights of the day. I took the morning and afternoon naps as usual and managed to reduce my pain meds again. Ran three loads of laundry also (not a highlight but still an achievement). By 7 PM I was aching and so took more meds in order to relax and fall asleep later. I have to figure out the timing better so that I take something at 10 PM and get into bed, instead of waking up at 3 AM needing more meds.

Today's dog walker had to cancel unexpectedly so the pooches will have to manage on their own in the back yard until Rik gets home from school. For Bob this won't be a problem but Pumpkin might have issues.

Hoping to continue to improve and wean myself off pain meds half a tablet at a time.

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