February 23, 2010

Feedback from commercial medical suppliers

I occasionally receive feedback to a post from someone representing a commercial medical supplier. In a recent post on lymphedema, someone used this forum as an opportunity to plug his company's lymphedema garments. I appreciate that "Jason Longmier" wanted to offer me relief from my lymphedema troubles, but I removed his post. The last thing I want is for another person living with cancer to think that I might endorse a particular product when I don't use it.

When I tell you that I use something, it's because because someone on my health care team has recommended it to me.

So if you are employee of a medical provider, no matter how well-intentioned, please don't troll the web looking to take advantage of cancer patients' blogs and thinking you can advertise your product or company for free. Or at least, don't do it on my blog.


  1. I'll second that I get more weird offers on my blog... Some i delete and some I leave for the stupidity/humor factor as if anyone actually would think the cure to cancer is know and if you send someone money they will send it to you. Its the price of having an open blog.

  2. Or if you're a lawyer looking for clients in cancer land, don't bother...