February 22, 2010

Breast cancer and aspirin

You may have read or heard the news last week about how women with early stage breast cancer who were already taking aspirin regularly for another reason may have had some benefit from the aspirin on their cancer.

When my port-a-cath was originally placed, I was told to only take tylenol, not aspirin or ibuprofen, because the additional blood thinning properties of those drugs would interfere with the effectiveness of the warfarin (blood thinner) I had to take to prevent an infection in my port.

So no weekly aspirins for me. But it's a fascinating story nonetheless.

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  1. This is good to know. I work with ChiliTechnology and turned my friend who is a breast cancer survivor to a mattress pad that cools (or heats) the bed: http://www.chilitechnology.com/ I wish they had one of these in every hospital. It was a lifesaver for me because the chemo would make me alternately very hot, and then freezing cold - and I could adjust my bed using a remote control.