February 16, 2010

Bumps on the head

About four weeks ago I noticed two small, round bumps on my head. They didn't itch or hurt but were slightly tender to the touch. Then a bump appeared on my left shoulder blade. Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr. G and lo and behold! A third bump had appeared on my head, overnight.

Dr. G decided to do a punch biopsy of the bump on my left shoulder blade, just in case. He says he doesn't think it's cancer but better safe, etc. He gave me plenty of lidocaine so that nothing hurt, and put a bandaid over the sutures.

Yes, it's possible to have scalp metastases. My friend Josh has several and they trouble him greatly, so much so that his docs recommended treating them with radiation.

We'll wait to see what my biopsy results are. In the meantime Dr. G asked me to re-start the toremifene.

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  1. Wishing you well as you await results..