February 01, 2010

Going in for surgery

I have been a little stressed about the surgery. Over the weekend Rik and I snapped at each other. He still doesn't feel well from the sinus infection and I was evidently more stressed than I realized.

However, I slept reasonably well last night and got up before the crack of dawn to make and eat breakfast so that I didn't have to fast for as long. A one-egg omelet with sauteed mushrooms, toast and two big glasses of water should stop my tummy from growling too much later on. Imagine if I had gone without eating or drinking from dinner the night before to dinner time today? It would feel like Yom Kippur.

Maybe that's why they make you fast before surgery -- to recreate the feeling of atonement? Nah, it's some medical reason. Still, it gives one cause to think.


  1. Praying for you on this side of the country.

  2. It will be fine Jill. Easy squeezy, lemon peasy...(as they say).

  3. Good luck with the surgery x

  4. I like the way you think and act accordingly. My best wishes to get well soon.
    Keep updating your report here.