February 09, 2010

Recovery one week out

It's been just over a week since my hysterectomy and I feel about 85% recovered. I still needed pain meds yesterday, last night and this morning, but as of this moment I feel pretty good.

Monday was harder than expected, probably because I may have overdone it at the choir retreat/slumber party: walking up and down stairs, singing for hours, and generally probably moving more than I was ready for. I got very cranky at the end of the day and must have been pretty unpleasant to be around. A nap helped but didn't improve my mood. Watching the final episode of "Heroes" for the season did make a difference, but by the time it ended the time was already 10 PM and Rik had gone to bed.

Last night I put out a call for more dog walkers and J answered the call for today. I just can't quite bend over far enough to pick up the dog poop! Plus if the dogs got excited about something I think they could pull me off balance and I don't want to fall. Having a friend help walk them makes it much easier for me and gets me outside for a bit.

I did manage to bake more of the NY Times No-Knead Bread recipe (as adapted by the folks at Cook's Illustrated and Seattle Times writer Nancy Leson). It tastes so good and is so easy that I believe I will stop buying expensive bread for a while and just bake a couple of loaves each week. Why pay $6 for a loaf of artisanal bread when I can make it at home?


  1. Your bread looks perfect! I like bread baking also. It just makes me feel happy. The smell of it baking, the way everyone gets excited while they wait, the way eyes roll and people groan when they bite into that very first warm from the oven bite.

  2. Anonymous3:15 PM

    So glad that surgery went well and you are getting better each day.
    You simply amaze me and are an inspiration.
    Your bread sounds wonderful. Any chance of sharing the recipe? If it's simple I may try making it.
    Every Friday is soup night at our house and we always pick up a loaf of bread of somekind.

  3. There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread! Yum!

  4. There is a link to the bread recipe highlighted in the original post, Happy baking!