January 13, 2010


Last summer I had vertigo for about a week. I would lie down on the bed and the room would spin. Actually, just my head, but it felt like the room was spinning. It resolved naturally and hasn't troubled me again until this past weekend.

On Friday and Saturday nights I had the same feeling of the room spinning. Then nothing Sunday or Monday but on Tuesday the vertigo reappeared to a lesser degree. I mentioned it to Dr G when I saw him on Monday.

I am trying not to move my head too rapidly or look up and down or from side to side too quickly. So no more typing today!

Hopefully this will resolve soon on its own as well.

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  1. hi just found ur blog
    i hope the dizziness stops soon!
    i have started a blog when my mam was diagnosed. i hope it will make you smile the way ur blog makes me