January 08, 2010

Need a nap

Bobka, the number two dog, has been getting up several times a night every night this week. He wanders around the house. Sometimes he needs to go outside and then he stands by the back door and barks. Since both dogs sleep on the bed with us you can see how this is a problem. Pumpkin, of course, sleeps through everything. I swear that dog has a cast-iron bladder, despite his advanced age.

Rik has mostly gotten up with Bobka this week. That's on top of working one night at Antioch University and waking up at 6 AM every day to teach. I offer to get up. If I am having a night sweat it's no hardship to get out of bed and cool off, but sometimes Bobka wakes me up from a sound sleep and then I can't move.

So I have been taking a morning nap every day and today I missed my yoga class. There has got to be a better way to deal with this. Dog training tips, anyone?


  1. Since there's a puppy in our future (though maybe next year), I've been reading about house training... Some advice I see are don't feed to late at night, take away the water before bedtime, and make sure the dog gets plenty of exercise during the day so he'll be tired. He may just not be able to sleep and looking for attention and company. Have you tried ignoring him? If he's been able to hold it all night in the past, he can probably still hold it and just needs to not be rewarded for barking at night...

  2. My dog is very old and has Cushing's disease. He drinks large amounts of water, and he needs to go out a lot, even at night. I usually wake up for the same reason myself (but I don't go outside), and just put him out then. He also paces the house. He's a big dog, and in the evening, he goes from room to room, just a big circle, like he's looking for something. I have no idea what, but the endless pacing sometimes starts to grate on my nerves.

  3. If Bobka is old and has bladder weakness then I can only sing his praises for being such a clean little doggie! Sorry I cant come up with any suggestions, it would be so distressing for him if you just ignored him.