January 12, 2010

Test results

Good news -- the GYN's office called yesterday to say that my Pap smear and endometrial biopsy were both normal. But when I saw Dr. G later the same day, he told me that he thought I should consider having a hysterectomy. Evidently the vaginal bleeding was cause for concern on his part. And of course having one cancer makes you more likely to get a second cancer. We took care of the risk for ovarian cancer, which is most closely related to breast cancer, when my ovaries were removed. But uterine cancer is quite dangerous and no one wants me to be at risk for that.

Dr. G was going to talk with the GYN doc and get back to me today. I expect that they will both agree that I need the hysterectomy. At least it could be done via laparoscopy (where they enter through the belly button), and so would have a much faster recovery than the traditional entry through the lower belly. I had a similar procedure about 25 years ago and they told me to expect a six week recovery. (Of course, I led a tour to Israel in the seventh week, but still...) That was half my lifetime ago, and I don't think my bounce back from a traditional surgery would be the same now. So if a hysterectomy is in my future, I hope it will be via laparoscopy.

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  1. Glad it was good news for you and its great to hear how you take everything in your stride. Take care x