January 27, 2010

Pre-op appointment

I met with the GYN for a pre-op conversation today. There's been some hoohah. It was tough to get an appointment within Rik's travel plans but they were able to fit me in. I learned yesterday that they needed to draw blood for labs and had just had my port accessed for zometa on Monday. If they had told me when scheduling, it could all have been done in advance. Yesterday's mail contained the hospital's pre-op instruction sheet. Thankfully it arrived in advance of today's visit with the doc so I could review and ask the appropriate questions.

Dr. F has a good bedside manner and lots of experience, so I plan to trust her with my life. I like how she looked at my tummy and said, "Oh, you have a tiny belly button. It'll be a bit bigger after this." And "I didn't hear a heart murmur. Let me listen again." She listens well. When I told her I was prone to infection, she was able to change her usual practice regarding antibiotics and bump up the dose for me.

I think I am as ready as can be. I bought the special pre-surgical scrub, Hibiclens. I have to take a shower the night before and the morning of the procedure (so I will be very clean). Because the surgery is scheduled for 3 PM, I can get up early that morning and eat some breakfast. Otherwise it would be a long fast from midnight until late afternoon. I am allowed to take pain and anti-anxiety meds with a sip of water if I am uncomfortable or stressed that day. I will be cleared to drive as soon as I feel well enough to do so.

It's hard to prepare for surgery but I think I have done my part. And my doc told me she appreciates a patient who takes charge!


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    So when is the surgery? So we can whisper an extra refuah prayer that day. I can do a Lutheran version of mishabarach.
    - Betty Johanna

  2. Your profile pic is awesome - I would like to quote Max (Where the Wild Things Are)
    "Let the wild rumpus start!"