January 14, 2010

More grey Seattle days

I know I shouldn't complain about winter when we live in one of the most moderate climates in the nation, but these grey, wet days are making me crazy! The sun hardly seems to come up until 9 AM. The heavy rain makes it too wet to take the dogs for a big walk, so Bobka doesn't get enough exercise, then wakes up during the night. I come home from a walk and only want to curl up on the sofa, which leads to more naps than I need. (My recent bout of vertigo only aggravates this tendency.) Rik came down with a cold and I made a pot of chicken soup, but that's been the limit for my creativity.

Pumpkin is content to snooze all day and evening. He's the only one who is happy.


  1. Hope you're feeling better. That vertigo is awful. I only had it once in my life, and it actually was terrifying. I woke up in the night and was headed to the bathroom when suddenly I got the sensation that I was being sucked down the open stairwell. By the time morning came, I could not move my eyeballs without the room reeling and spinning. The nausea was awful. The doctor prescribed meclizine. I spent the next 24 hours in bed, but by the next morning, I felt much, much better.

  2. PS the vertigo was caused by a drug I was taking at the beginning of this whole cancer thing. You might want to think about that. Have you begun taking a new medication?