March 26, 2009

MRI results

Good news: the report on last week's MRI of the thoracic spine does NOT indicate new metastases. Instead everything which appears seems to have been treated already. No risk of spinal cord compression or fractures.

Bone scans show only bone activity. If I'd broken a bone as a child, it would still show up on a bone scan. Likewise old, treated mets show up on bone scans as well as new mets.

It's possible that the MRI did not cover the same places as the bone scan, although I am sure the thoracic spine is the thoracic spine. I did not see the bone scan report but the MRI report is very thorough.

Dr. G cleared me to dance (a little). We discussed a new treatment; more on that later while I do some research.


  1. Wynne6:22 PM

    That's great news. I'm curious what your next treatment is. I start mine on Monday along with getting my port. I'm onto navelbine, and am worried about how bad it will be. I read up it, so I feel like I know what would be the worst case scenario...Good luck with the next decision, thinking of you.


  2. I'm glad for your good news.