March 08, 2009

Dunava rocks!

Dunava sang today as guests of the Columbia Choirs. It was our first performance at Town Hall, Seattle's community culture center located in the historic First Hill neighborhood. The acoustics are marvelous for choral singing.

I think Dunava was a surprise for the audience, which seemed to be composed mainly of family and friends of the Columbia Choirs. Most of these groups, and the other guest choirs, performed highly arranged choral music from church and classical traditions. Dunava, by contrast, sang our rough and beautiful Balkan village harmonies.

We sang for about 15 minutes featuring songs from Croatia, Albania, and Bulgaria. (I had a short duet!) One of our newest members plays the accordion and she and another Dunavite, playing drum, accompanied a new Albanian piece.

It's safe to say the audience loved us and would have been delighted to hear an encore if the timing permitted. They were still applauding loudly after we left the stage!

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