August 20, 2008

Six years today

Today is the sixth anniversary of the day I got the news that my cancer had spread, fell and broke my leg and began to learn to live with metastatic breast cancer.

The past year has been pretty good health-wise, although I am still waiting to get another scan and see if the new lung lesion has recently grown. More on that next week, I hope.

Every year I do two things to celebrate my "metsiversary" -- I have a party and I buy amethyst jewelry. This year's party was small, because I am still in mourning for my father, zichrono l'vracha (may his memory be a blessing). My mother came to town for a visit, her first airplane trip in four years and her first solo trip in nine years (she came alone for my first round of chemo long ago). Also her first trip since my dad died in June. We had a lovely visit, culminating in a party with my closest friends.

This year's party theme reflected my personal four food groups:
1) Potato chips (Tim's Cascade Sea Salt and Vinegar)
2) Champagne (Zonin Prosecco Brut)
3) Chocolate (Bittersweet Chocolate Tart and Chocolate-Graham Cracker Pudding Pie)
4) Whipped cream

We crowded around the dining table and toasted our good health with the sparkling wine, which goes well with potato chips, believe it or not. It also went spectacularly well with the chocolate and whipped cream!

The amethyst jewelry comes from the belief that certain stones have certain powers. I had read that amethysts are said to promote healing, love the color purple, and decided that it could only help me to wear healing jewelry. In past years I have acquired amethyst pendants. Last year I took an amethyst from a charm bracelet that belonged to my grandmother and had it put into a new setting. This year I went all out and bought a necklace with so many amethysts, it should keep me in good health for many years to come!


  1. Congrats on your 6 years and thank you for your inspiration. I am going out tomorrow to by myself some amethyst jewelry! It can't hurt.

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    May you see many more "metsiversaries" and enjoy gallons of champagne, acres of potato chips, and tons of chocolate...with enough whipped cream to top it all! And amethysts for decoration. :)