August 18, 2008

At the beach

For the past few years Rik and I have spent some time at the beach in Moclips on the Olympic Peninsula. Here the Pacific Ocean is not as peaceful as it's name would indicate. The waves crash against the sand, the wind blows fierce, and even in the sunshine it helps to wear fleece (or wrap up in a blanket). We love it and find it very relaxing to get away from the paraphernalia of modern life.

Every year our stay in Moclips has gotten longer and longer. Now we are staying a week. We invite friends to join us for part of the time and we read books, eat good food, take long walks on the beach every day with the dog, nap every afternoon and generally relax.

We rent at The Beach House, which is famous for being in the final chase scene of an old John Wayne movie called "McQ" (which Rik likes to watch every summer). The house is dog-friendly, cozy and well-equipped.

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