October 04, 2012

Scan results and new plan

The results of yesterday's scans show I have one new tiny brain met (3mm), two slightly larger liver mets,  and my tumor marker went up a few points. The Afinitor+Aromasin+Faslodex+Avastin combo appears to have stopped working. 

Dr G wants to stop the Afinitor, start me on eribulin (Halaven) and continue the Aromasin, Faslodex and Avastin. His thinking is that my cancer responded well to taxanes, except for the eventual neuropathy. Eribulin works in the same way as taxanes, hopefully without that toxicity.

Eribulin is given via IV push or five minute infusion, two weeks on and one week off in a 21 day cycle with the usual chemo side effects. Avastin is given every other week. It appears I will be tethered to the chemo chair for a while. Hopefully I can try to coordinate the schedules. Eribulin is a newish drug, recently approved for metastatic breast cancer.

More later, as I process this latest bump in my personal cancer merry-go-round. 

Just when I had gotten used to having hair again!

Bob was snuggling with me when I took this pic.


  1. bjohanna10:17 PM

    Love your sukkah. May there be many more.

  2. Jill...I am riding next to you on this crazy cancer merry-go-round. I have been following your blog for a long time and feel like I want to give you a hug right now. I'm so sorry for these upsetting scan results. You are an amazing fighter and inspiration to me. Sending all my positive thoughts your way. Jodi

  3. Rats! Hang in there Jill. Keep dancing!

  4. Anonymous3:51 AM

    just discovered your blog and your amazing life story!
    I m 36 years old and recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer..
    i feel quite uncomfortable with the whole thing but your approach ' dancing with cancer: living with mets the new normal' made me smile.
    you r right!!! I love dancing! keep the good job, keep dancing!

  5. Keeping you in my prayers. I too just got my scans back, several new tumors in my bones. Changing my chemo to Ixempra. Will lose my hair again also, but been there 2 times already so with no hair. At least the spot in my brain has not grown and the tumors in my lungs and chest are stable. Onward we go...fight, fight , fight

  6. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I am following your blog for the last 3 years.I also have bone and liver mets. Currently on Abraxane(7th round) ,and have some neuropathy issues. Seems like vitamin B6, and keeping my hands in ice during the chemo infusion brings some relief.
    Good luck with Eribulin.

  7. Jill, so sorry to hear about your results. As a 10 year breast cancer and a 3 year ovarian cancer survivor who is waiting to do a CAT scan for a possible recurrence of the OVCA, my heart goes out to you. All we can do is continue to fight cause "it is what it is"! You are truly an inspiration to so many of us who are in a similar boat. My very best to you. {{hugs}} ~Toni

  8. Anonymous9:27 PM

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