October 01, 2012

October and pink

It's October 1st and the annual onslaught of "pink" cause-related marketing has begun.

There are too many ploys to get consumers to part with money in exchange for breast cancer pink-ribbon themed stuff. Sunday's newspaper was filled with pink-colored coupons advertising all kinds of products claiming to give a donation to a breast cancer organization in exchange for a purchase.

I HATE this time of year.

Buying pink-ribbon merchandise does very little to help find a cure for breast cancer. If you really want to help, consider making a donation straight to a cause you support.

If you must buy the pink ribbon stuff, please Think Before You Pink.

And don't buy me the pink socks, or the pink yogurt, or any other pink ribbon junk.

Just help the scientists find a real cure for breast cancer. Soon.


  1. Amen on that. I hate the pink stuff too. I have already paid a lot into the biz by paying my medical bills and buying meds. It's enough.Use my tissue for research for a cure.

  2. Jill, I totally support what you have written. Although I live in South Africa and one is barely aware of a breast cancer campaign - maybe the occasional magazine will have an article, but there are no "pink" products for example - I have always believed that buying a pink ribbon is ridiculous. What does that do? And it's not even about awareness either. A cure or at least even better treatments, ie research, is what it is all about. By the way, adore your blog.

  3. bjohanna8:03 PM

    Thanks for the reminder about October. Was puzzled by all the pink be-ribboned cupcakes in the grocery store.

  4. Joyce Loveless6:56 AM

    I agree with your sentiments. I never really thought about it before in this way. I have long felt that if companies really cared they would just GIVE THE MONEY to support whatever cure they were interested in and not make people send in lids, box tops, etc. It's just ridiculous. BTW- this topic is front page on nbc.com today. Best wishes from Maryland!