October 15, 2012

Eribulin dose one follow up

Friday was fine. Although I took a nap, we went to dinner at a friend's home.

On Saturday I went to synagogue but really crashed in the afternoon. My nap was followed by some nausea that the Aloxi didn't relieve. Turns out my old prescription of ondonsetran (Zofran) was 18 months out of date, so it didn't provide much relief either. I've since had that scrip refilled. Ginger ale did the trick.

Dunava had an all-day retreat/workshop on Sunday which I very badly wanted to attend. I dragged myself out the door early and managed to sing with everyone for about six hours. We started at 10:30 AM, took a break for lunch and another short break for dessert, and I finally turned to toast at 5 PM. The rest of them continued on for maybe another hour. It amazes me that even on chemo, I am keeping up with these women, a couple of whom are 20 years younger than I am!

Dunava is preparing to record a second CD of all Bulgarian music and this was a chance to start on a monster huge piece. We got almost all the way through it in the one day, leaving one short section and the coda still to learn.

Today was filled with doctors. Because the health insurance company only pays for the eribulin as a monotherapy, meaning it can't be given with another drug, I had to schedule the Avastin for another day. Plus Avastin is given every other week. Eribulin is given once a week for two weeks in a row and then the third week is off. On the day after the second eribulin dose I also go in for a shot of Neulasta, a white cell builder. You can see this leaves me tethered to a chemo chair just about every week.

For instance, this first cycle is:
Thursday, Oct 11 Eribulin 1
Monday, Oct 15 Avastin 1
Thursday, Oct 18 Eribulin 2
Friday, Oct 19 Neulasta
Monday, Oct 29 Avastin 2
The Avastin may also be giving me high blood pressure. Dr G and his staff monitored me for a bit and he decided to add a diuretic to my meds for the next month. The diuretic will relieve pressure on shortness of breath (which I don't have) and edema (swelling in hands and feet).

I also met my new specialty dentist today who I like very much. I spent 90 minutes with her and I think she'll be a keeper health provider.

I came home, started a pot roast, and took a major nap. The nap was restorative, the pot roast was delicious, and I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep.

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