October 29, 2012

Dr G says:

Today I received Avastin and had a lovely visit with my friend R. Afrerwards I saw Dr G in an actual office visit, when he told me the following:

My kidney function is normal. Yay! I'll just finish that dose of antibiotic he prescribed.

He will reduce the eribulin dose and we hope I will tolerate it better. My next dose is Wednesday.

Although my blood pressure is going down nicely, I should stay on the diuretic and potassium supplements for as long as I receive Avastin, if not longer.

He agreed to look over a number of clinical trials I found (while surfing the web one night when I had serious insomnia).

When I need to move to another treatment, Dr G will consider prescribing Xeloda. Xeloda is an oral form of 5FU, which was so hard on me a few years ago. However, Xeloda is supposed to be more easily tolerated than 5FU and have fewer side effects. It's a mainstay of metastatic breast cancer care and I've never been on it.

All in all, it was a most satisfactory visit. Tomorrow, the eyebrow tattoos!

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