November 25, 2011

What I am thankful for

Self-care, no matter how long the painful neuropathy in my fingertips takes me to pull on my socks.

A loving husband who reaches across the dog to warm me when my toes are so cold the neuropathy is more severe than usual.

This visit with my Mom. She lets me take every day at the pace I need. She moves as slowly as I need to, or sits on the couch reading a book and letting the dog love her when I can't move at all.

Speaking of dogs: Bobka the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, who excels at showering affection on one and all.

Baking yesterday's apple pie. Even the simple act of cutting apples made me feel more like I was part of the Thanksgiving meal prep.

Being invited to someone else's home for the holiday celebration. My afternoon nap gave me enough energy to participate in a lovely Thanksgiving dinner party last night. And I didn't have to cook or clean up afterwards.

I'm not thankful for cancer. If it was a gift, I'd be first in line to return it.

I am thankful for Dr G and my wonderful medical care team who have helped keep me alive, alert and able to celebrate yet another holiday, nine years after my initial diagnosis with metastatic breast cancer.

To all who live in CancerLand, I hope you are able to find something in your life to be thankful for every day.


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  2. Hats of to you dear. I can say only this for you.

  3. All the best to you sweetie! By the way, your dog can be a help to your therapy. I've read an article about that.