November 18, 2011

Brief update

My fatigue is pretty high this week. I am crashing on the sofa every afternoon and I actually fell asleep while at yoga today (my snoring woke me up). Dr G took me off the Lyrica at my request. It turns out that part of the reason for my recent blurry vision may have been a side effect of that drug. We'll see how quickly I lose the four pounds I gained while on it these past two weeks. My eye doctor says my eyes are fine, no change from the last prescription he wrote in June. That was a relief to hear. Plus he says he can see eyelash stubs growing back!

The computer is salvageable after all. The MAC Store recovered all the data from the hard drive and we need to purchase a new video card, which got fried in the electric surge from the lightning strike. We're also buying 4 gigs of new memory and a new hard drive. This should make the computer operable for several more years. And it's still  less than half the cost of a new iMac.

I am coping with the neuropathy. Increased occasional pain flares worry me but I don't think there's much I can do. My fingertips seem to be worse in the morning but are fine throughout the day.

It's been very cold lately and lightweight hats are no longer warm enough for my balding head. I've pulled out a fleece cap. It's not stylish but it keeps my head warm/ I'm still losing more than a few  hairs every day in the shower.

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  1. Sorry about your fatigue, but I guess that goes with the territory. I have some lingering neuropathy in my feet from chemo, but I kind of quit complaining about it because, well, not much can be done. It's probably here to stay I'm told. Glad the computer is going to work for a while yet. It's terrible when one has computer trouble. Mine is my life line since cancer. Sounds like you're coping quite well. Bringing out the fleece hats sounds pretty smart. It's cooling down pretty fast around here too now. Good luck with things.