November 21, 2011

Today's chemo

Everything went smoothly today EXCEPT there was already a long line of people ahead of me at the lab at 9:30 AM. I had to wait for almost an hour just to see a nurse and have my port accessed. The weeks when I get Avastin require urinalysis to make sure my kidneys are in good shape, and that lab test takes longer to process. So it was after 11 AM when they called me back to the infusion area, and past noon by the time the pharmacy delivered the Avastin. (That drug always has to come first in this chemo combo.) I finished at 2:30 PM.

Thanks to my good friends M and R, I had plenty of company. M even ran downstairs to get me a delicious lunch of vegetable borscht, served with a dollop of sour cream, and a spinach-mushroom piroshky. So much better than a hospital cafeteria tuna salad sandwich!

I had a short nap when I got home and am very happy to be using our computer and able to "talk" online again.


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I'm sorry it takes so long for you to receive treatment. Are afternoon appointments any better?
    I'm a new 'Mets' person..only since February. Receiving Abraxane right now. We are almost Chemo twins...ha ha. The study drug I was on previously wasn't effective.
    I wish you a happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for giving me hope.

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