November 02, 2011

Scan results

The results of Monday's PET scan were good -- the liver mets are shrinking and there appear to be no new mets to report. My tumor marker came down from 89.9 at the end of August to 73 today. This is a slower rate of decrease than in the past few months but still a decrease.

Dr G says I should continue on the Abraxane/Avastin. When I reported the change in neuropathy from pain to numbness, and my fears regarding a fall, he told me that it would be a mistake to stop now while the cancer is clearly responding to the treatment. If I stopped or he decreased the dose, it might turn cancer cells partially responsive to this treatment into resistant cells. So I will start another cycle of this chemo cocktail next Monday, then re-test my tumor marker in a month. I'll also phase out the gabapentin and start taking Lyrica for the neuropathy. Maybe this new drug will give me better protection from increasing neuropathy.

I'll also have a follow up brian MRI in the next weeks. I am supposed to get this test every three months since the gamma knife follow up in August. I think I'd like to time this scan so that I can get the results when I next see Dr G without having to wait a long time for them.

All in all, this is the kind of good news I like to hear!


  1. Ashley Beker8:35 PM

    so happy the news is good! I miss you and next time uncle rick calls here or we call i hope to speak to you!

  2. Anonymous4:18 AM

    I am glad to hear your news. I think that your doctor is very sensible.

  3. If you hear the word (shrinking) that is good. I am on Xeloda now because my tumors stopped shrinking and started growing. Tumors find a way to live on. Life goes on. Keep up the fight.

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