November 28, 2011


I had a rough weekend. On Saturday morning, we all went to synagogue (Rik was a greeter at the door). There was a huge crowd and although I am generally one who gets energy from being with people, it all sort of wore me out quickly. I came home to nap, perked up mid-afternoon, and crashed again.

On Sunday I barely moved off the sofa. I had slept poorly both Friday and Saturday nights, and the combination with chemo fatigue was monstrous. Somehow I got washed, dressed and ate breakfast, only to then find myself knocked out on the living room sofa, where I lay in a stupor for about four hours.

At some point I got up and made my way to the other sofa and joined Rik and my mom in front of the television, where we sat for quite a while. We did manage to go out for a great dinner at the Sand Point Grill with friends, but as soon as we came home I crashed again. 

The day of fatigue was an unfortunate end to an otherwise lovely visit with my mom.

This morning I awoke early in order to do all the necessary stuff and drive my mom to the airport. We got out the door on time, and the traffic was so minimal on the way home that I managed to get to Dr G's office for a blood draw, go to the grocery store and the pharmacy, start a load of laundry and do some promotion work for the upcoming Dunava concert. Now I am completely wiped out again and will retire to my favorite spot on the sofa with Bobka the dog.

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