November 10, 2011

Much better today

A quick update: my feet are much better. Nurse Jacque spoke to Dr G and he recommended adding gabapentin back into the mix. I took the first dose around 5:30 PM and my feet began to feel better right away. I don't know if pain from neuropathy comes and goes or is constant. (Mine has been pretty constant so far, which is why yesterday's huge increase in pain was such a blow.)

I will monitor the gabapentin + Lyrica and call Dr G's office on Friday to let them know how I'm doing.


  1. Glad to hear you are doing better.

  2. My neuropathy goes and comes. Depends on how much I am on my feet. Now I am having problems with feet taking Xeloda. Burning, hurting, etc. Some left over neuropathy with all this also. Hard to find comfortable shoes, and my job has me standing on my feet alot. Take care.