July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day

In the USA we call it the Fourth of July, but we really mean Independence Day.

We've been busy all weekend. On Thursday evening, we attended the wedding of Rik's colleague. On Friday we hosted friends for Shabbat dinner. Saturday brought both of us to services at synagogue; I led the Torah service and Rik was an usher at the front door, welcoming people. It was an exceptionally large crowd, many guests present for the aufruf of a long-time member's daughter. (An aufruf takes place when the groom -- and the bride, at Reform, Reconstructionst and Conservative congregations -- are called to the Torah for an aliyah in celebration of their marriage.) Sunday saw us at this wedding (imagine: two weddings in the same week!). Today we went to friends for brunch AND helped another friend celebrate becoming an American citizen. Click here for the story and a link to photos.

Now that's the way to celebrate Independence Day. Between her red and white garb (the colors of Canada, her country of origin), little US flags everywhere, strawberries, cherries, and blueberries, bagels and cream cheese (their favorite food), my maple leaf shaped shortbread cookies, the red and white maple leaf running shorts (which no one wore, sadly), Rik's hockey jersey, and a bundt cake frosted in red,white and blue icings, it was a festive afternoon. She had been at the Seattle Center since early in the morning, for the preliminary items. There was an hour of music and the swearing-in ceremony took place at noon. Then more paperwork, and off to home. We were honored to be among the Canadian friends and their neighbors.

It's Sunday evening and I am pretty tired from all the hoopla of the past few days. I anticipate it might be hard to have a quiet night, since many people around here like to light their own fireworks on this night of nights and the noise has already started, hours before it will be dark enough to see anything exploding in the night sky. Bobka the dog may find the noise tough, so we will give him extra cuddles and reassurance.

Tomorrow starts the regular week of activities. Chemo is on Wednesday, for the first time in about five weeks. I guess I am about as healthy and recovered from shingles as can be, so bring it, baby! Let's kick some more serious cancer ass this week.

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