July 30, 2011

Another sunny day

It's finally summer in Seattle. We've had a couple of days of sunshine and warm temperatures, and that meant cooking, grilling and gardening to me.

Friday started with a lesson in Yemenite cooking at synagogue. One member has enjoyed a decades-long friendship with the family her husband stayed with as a volunteer during his college years. It happens that this is the same Moshav Amka I stayed at in 1978, and L was convinced she could figure out which family hosted me so long ago. Evidently there were only a few families who took volunteers. I do hope she can help me reconnect with those gracious people who let 18-year-old me into their home for a month.

 Yesterday I grilled a most delicious Shabbat diner of beer-butt chicken, patty pan squash and onions, and peaches for dessert. The chicken and vegetables went with a salad of cut melon, cucumbers and jicama dressed with fish sauce, minced ginger and a little hot sauce. The grilled peaches (so delicious!) went with raspberries picked fresh from our garden just before dinnertime and we threw some chopped chocolate on. The hot peaches melted the chocolate and became a sort of peach Melba.

Today after services I spent some time in the garden, fueled no doubt by the double strength iced coffee I had after lunch. I weeded the small pathway between the raised beds by our deck, placed grey fabric on top that is supposed to keep the weeds down, and put bark over it all. It took about an hour all told and I felt good doing the work. No aches afterwards, either.

That justified a stretch in the hammock with a book. A good day!

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