July 11, 2011

All is fine

Everything is good here, just busy. Briefly:

Last Friday we had an opportunity to buy a new, all-electric Nissan Leaf. It took until Saturday morning to figure out how to charge the thing using 110 v home power, but now all is great as we tootle around town NOT USING ANY GAS! Some time soon we will have a higher power home charger.

On Saturday we had dinner at friends who love to cook. Way too much food and wine but a lovely time was had by all.

Sunday saw some yard cleanup in prep for a dinner party here -- the members of my shul's executive committee. Again, too much food and wine, but a lovely time had by all (including Graeter's ice cream for those lucky, hard-working volunteers!).

More running around today, to get a pedicure and to pick up my new eyeglasses. They are progressive lenses (what we used to call bifocals) and are terrific. It may take me a couple of days to get used to them but the prescription was spot-on from the moment I put the glasses on the first time. Then I had to do my annual re-arrange and re-stock of the emergency supplies so I could change out the oldest spare pair of glasses.

All in all, I am pooped.


  1. Hey, your Nisan Leaf is looking cool. Nice color. It is always good to share experiences. Wish you a good going. Have a nice time. :)

  2. I'm so happy for you with the new ride! congrats. You guys look awesome standing next to it. You should post a photo of you behind the wheel.