July 13, 2011

The gypsy look

I don't know what makes me wear a print top, a wildly printed scarf and the long earrings together, but combined this is my gypsy look. Plus now you can really see my new glasses.

I take these photos through my Mac's Photo Booth software, which uses the built-in camera at the top of the monitor. It's nowhere near the highest quality pic, and Rik hates when I take one with it, but it does give me the chance to take a photo of myself.

The progressive lenses are terrific so far. It's only been two days, but my vision has improved with the new prescription and the non-bifocal bifocals have made everything easier. I can read the newspaper again without having to hold the comics up to my eyes to read over the rim of my glasses.

The sun has finally come out and I believe I will pick the rest of the ripe raspberries. It might be cool here in Seattle, but  I love that fresh summer fruit growing in my back yard!


  1. You look fabulous, dear, and I am thrilled that you feel up to picking fruit in your back yard!

  2. I choose to rock the gypsy look rather wear my wigs in the Tx heat. When the high temp is over 100 it is unbearable to wear the wig and much more comfy to be a gypsy. You look terrific as a gypsy by the way.

  3. I loved wearing my scarves. You go girl, wear whatever you want. I finally don't have to wear a hat or scarf all the time now, I have hair coming back. Yea!!