May 13, 2011

Scalp mets

It was the weirdest thing. Out of nowhere, I touched my head and found blood on my fingertip. The largest scalp met was bleeding! I applied pressure and after a few minutes it stopped.

This happened on Wednesday evening. I called Dr G on Thursday morning, the nurse called back that afternoon and told me he says wait until I see him on Tuesday and he will examine my head. Of course, if it happens again and for some reason won't stop bleeding, then we call.

This largest of three mets has been changing in the past two weeks. It used to be domed, like the others. Now it's flatter on one side and a tiny bit indented. If course I can't see it myself, but to my touch it feels different. Don't know if this is chemo-related and if it is, what it might mean....

Now I am off to get my brain MRI. I get the results on Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Could thinking about Graeter's during the procedure improve the MRI results?
    - Betty Johanna