May 28, 2011


We had a great time at the NW Folklife Festival this afternoon. I woke up at 7 AM feeling fine, took some gebapentin for pain control and some valacyclovir, then went back to sleep. We got up for real at 9:00. After a big waffle breakfast, Rik walked the dog for his usual Saturday two miles while I got ready for the Dunava performance.

We had a quick run-through in the Center House lobby and were in place back stage early. Our guest artist was late and so even though we thought we could start our set early, we ended up beginning right on time and had so much material that we ended up cutting one song. (Folklife is sticky about starting and ending on time.) The audience was very responsive and I think it was a good performance. I will try to post some video Rik shot.

After our set, I was very hungry for lunch. We met up with friends and decided everyone should get their own favorite food and gather on the International Fountain to eat. Rik and I ended up with Indian food from a restaurant we often go to (but we're not sure it's the same place, so I don't want to say the name). I had chicken masala over rice and salad with plenty of  extra sauce on the side. Rik enjoyed a chicken kebab over rice. Prices at the food booths have definitely gone up over the years - each plate came to $8, and Rik's mango lemonade was $3.

We caught up with friends in the sunshine, talking about shingles, gamma knife treatment, and other and sundry physical health issues. Then the women decided to shop before getting dessert.

We browsed through most of the market. C bought shoes; Rik and C bought a Folklife t-shirt; G looked for a cool pair of earrings but no dice. As we parted company (some to stay and dance, others to crash), Rik and I noticed three hatters in one general area. I bought a terrific rusty brown raffia hat which is size adjustable. I think it will be prefect for shul this summer. My dessert was a chocolate mousse crepe with caramel sauce and whipped cream; Rik got a friut smoothie.

I had taken the next dose of pain meds and antivirals at 3 PM. Even so, I was completely steeped in pain and cancelled on the 4-6 PM workshop we had with our guest artist from Bulgaria. There is no way I could have learned new music while feeling uncontrolled pain.

Perhaps I am being overly sympathetic to my doctor, but I don't feel that this is enough of an issue to disturb his Shabbat rest. I will take the third doses of everything at bedtime,  which should give me a good night's sleep. If Sunday's pain is again unmanageable around 3 PM, I can call Dr G's answering service. Plus I will speak with him on Monday when I go in for treatment. You can be sure I will report these afternoon tough spots and ask for an increase in the gabapentin (neurological pain med).

Tomorrow's schedule includes showing up on time for the Radost concert sound check and being ready to sing at 3 PM. Dunava opens the show with two very short Bulgarian songs; then we accompany the Radost dancers for one number. About an hour later, we accompany the dancers for a second number. Given how I feel this afternoon, I think I will end up at home Sunday afternoon; maybe call Dr G to get his take on pain; and if I feel better, come back for the big Balkan dance Sunday night. This is a perpetual favorite dance and I will forward to seeing friends from all over at it. Hopefully I will see them tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Hope your pain gets under control. You write a great blog!