May 29, 2011

More on Folklife Saturday

I was sorry not to attend Dunava's special workshop with Tzvetanka yesterday, but my afternoon dose of painkillers (even taken early, at 330 PM) did NOTHING to address my pain. I would not have been able to sit down, much less concentrate on singing, just like my experience on Friday night at our rehearsal with Tzvwtanka, and those were songs I knew ALREADY!

I remember I said to Dr G my goal was to perform at Folklife. He said the same. I never mentioned the workshop, the big concert that continues for several hours after we perform, or Sunday night's  Balkan dance. In my experience, you get what you put out to the universe. I probably should have mentioned the other things, but I didn't want to overload my requests to the system.

I basically got into my pajamas Saturday afternoon and tried to ignore my pain. I have to come up with a better daytime pain management plan. I slept well last night (of course I took a dose of gabapentin at bedtime), but there was a big gap of pain coverage yesterday between 3 and 11 PM. Maybe I should call my doc today at home instead of waiting for when I talk to him during Monday's chemo.

I would like to be able to stay for the rest of this afternoon's Bulgarian concert, and I would like to dance at the big Balkan dance tonight. .... sigh ....

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  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Hello Jill, I am new to your blog. I started reading it and didn't quit til I got up to date. Thank you so much for writing. There are many things that intrigue me. You are a very expressive writer and have such a zest for life! I enjoy reading about your life as a Jewish woman: I am a Christian. I love how you talk about food all the time. In our family we say" we are ALL about the food". You are too I think!
    I have not had cancer but of course know and have know several people close to me who have fought this fight. God bless you Jill. You are a fighter extrordinaire.
    You are inspiring.
    i am praying for you. Jane gray, Creston BC