May 24, 2011

Pain update

Yesterday Dr G put me on 50 mcg fentanyl patch and 10 mg Torodol every 6 hours. This did not control my pain well enough and I call his office several times throughout the day, asking for suggestions on better pain management. Finally at about 6:30 PM he called me and changed the dosages to 100 mcg fentanyl patch, 10 mg Torodol every 3 hours and added 1 mg Ativan every 6 hours. Other than making me woozy, we hope this will control the breakthrough pain. It's been 45 minutes since I made the changes and am still waiting for pain relief. However, the Ativan is giving me a nice buzz.

I had to write down the dosing schedule to be sure I get it right this evening. My goal is to get the pain under control so I can sing with my choir this weekend at our two performances. That's Dr G's goal too. It's always good to be on the same page with your doc.

For those who live in the greater Seattle area, check out my choir Dunava at the NW Folklife Festival:

Saturday 5/28 at 12:50 PM in the Center House Theatre. Get there early to find seats, it's a small venue and we are the second or third group in the set.

Sunday 5/29 at 3 PM. We open the all Bulgarian concert with the Radost Folk Ensemble and Orkestar RTW. Again, arrive early to get good seats.

You can also hear Dunava on last year's limited edition CD, Roots and Branches: Live from the 2010 Folklife Festival. Copies will be for sale at the Folklife Store, in the Fidalgo Room at the corner of Republican Street and First Ave N, by the Key Arena.

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  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Hi, I'm from the UK and also a stage 1V BC patient. I love singing in choirs too and really hope you get your pain under control enough to sing with yours this weekend. Very best wishes with your treatment.