May 21, 2011

Komen Race for the Cure

Okay, I registered for the Komen Race for the Cure. Despite the sea of pink and my issues with Komen's lower of support of research (25% of dollars raised locally) vs. focus on early detection (75%), Rik and I will walk with the Hadassah Heelers on June 5.

You can make a donation on my personal page by clicking here

Almost as soon as I posted the news to Facebook, I got a notice that I had already received one donation! Thank you M for your support. All others: I do really believe that there are better places to donate that fund larger dollar amounts and percentages to breast cancer research for a cure. (See my post Pinktober.) But Komen is the 600 pound gorilla of breast cancer advocacy, and they are worth supporting if indeed they can find a cure.

Especially in time for me to benefit from it.


  1. We may have to rely more heavily on Komen if Planned Parenthood funding is cut off all over the country. PP is a forerunner in women's health and early detection. Komen may have to step up to the plate in a big way. BTW, I walk every year for my sister...8 years no recurrence.

  2. Hahaha before I read this, I had **just** posted an unfavorable reply to someone who said I should do this 5k, and sent two links from your blog. :)