May 24, 2011

Abraxane #3 plus comedy of errors

I was scheduled to have the third dose of Abraxane yesterday. I'd been complaining of low back pain and pain in my right leg all weekend, so on Monday I didn't feel dafe driving myself. What if I had more mets and was in danger of a fracture? I'd already been lucky the first time that I experienced the pathological fracture while at home and not walking the dog, driving the car, or out and about elsewhere.

So Rik drove me and I arrived extra early at 8 AM (for my 9:30 lab appointment). The lab saw me pretty quickly, but again there was a computer problem with the orders Dr G wrote and "signed" electronically while I was sitting in the room with him. The SCI nurse called his office more than a few times; his staff paged him but he didn't answer; and in the end it was almost 1 PM before they could start any of the treatment. Thankfully my friend T was there to keep me company the whole time. We got some lovely borscht and pieroshkies for lunch and eventually I got everything: Decadron the steroid, Zofran for nausea and Abraxane.

In the middle of all this I was of course still in pain. On Sunday I had taken the maximum permitted amount of Vicodin with really limited pain relief. On Monday to took two Vicodin at 8:30 Am and two more at 1:30 PM but the pain only got worse. Dr G wrote orders for morphine but I recalled that morphiine didn't help too much with pain last summer. So I ended up taking intravenous Dilaudid. Between that and a hot compress, my back pain soon eased.

The Dilaudid made feel both loopy and me nauseous and I vomited several times by the time I finished the Abraxane. So I got some Ativan for the nausea. T gave me a ride to Dr G, who wanted to see me about the pain issue. (Thankfully no vomiting in the car.) Rik met us there.

I explained all the Dr G and he sent me off for immediate spinal xrays. Given that it was 5 PM by this point and he couldn't reach an in-house radiologist, he viewed the films himself. There is an ambivalent area in my sacraum (where we already know I have mets). My pain was radiating from the lower right to the right leg and even making the skin tender to the touch, much in the way that pain from the sciatic nerve behaves. So it might be sciatica or it might be mets. Dr G wrote prescriptions for Fentanyl patches and for ketorolac (Toradol), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, and we went into the Minor and James pharmacy to get them.

While we were waiting, in runs Dr G. He'd reached a radiologist at Swedish hospital who confirmed that there was no danger of an immediate fracture (which would have been the reason not to send me home). He'd placed a call to my orthopedist, Daniel Flugstad, and promised to contact me today with Flugstad's take on things.

We had a mutual hug fest right there in the pharmacy -- Dr G hugs Rik, Rik hugs me, Dr G and I look tearfully into each other's eyes. No hugging, it's not frumkeit for unrelated men and women to touch outside of the doctor-patient examination. For him, not for me. But the tearful glances of relief more than make up for any lack of hugs.

Rik and I finally arrived home around 6:30 PM. I stuck the first Fentanyl patch on my arm, got undressed, ate a snack and went to bed. With Dilaudid, Ativan, and now Fentanyl in my system, I could barely stand upright. I slept well all night and woke up rested this morning.

And now for the latest news. I still have back pain. I wasn't sure at first, as it's been creeping up on me slowly all morning. I felt fine in the shower, eating breakfast, even walking the dog for a few blocks. But sitting at the computer typing and talking with the health insurance companies about bills, I've notived an increased in pain, even through the FEntanyl. So I took one of the ketorolac pills and will hope that takes care of any breakthrough pain.

I still don't have any more news about an appointment re gamma knife, but Dr G said his staff would take care of it. I learned this morning that Dr G has spoken with Dr Flugstad and am waiting for a call back from him with an update. I will, of course, report this morning's breakthrough pain. I called my primary care physican to keep her posted on all of the hoohah. And I will keep all of you posted as this comedy of errors continues.

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