April 07, 2011


I know that some of you read this blog more quickly than I post to it. Occasionally I get spam comments, and some of you have told me about them. Be advised, I use comment moderation, which allows me to see potential spam before it gets posted to my blog. That catches most of the problems but not all of them.

The spam comments may appear to be from a medical provider of some kind, or a bogus sender, and are often written in very poor English. The content tends to focus on how I'm doing a great job but need to stay on my chemo (duh) or start their special "cure."

A recent quote: "Yes, in due time to answer, it is important" (note no punctuation)
Recent senders: Atlanta cosmetic surgery; top canadian online gambling echeck bonus

I firmly believe that if there was a cure for breast cancer, my oncologist would be rushing it in my direction. He gets about 100 RSS feeds on cancer every day. I get a weekly update from Google Alerts. Together we keep up with the latest developments.

So if you would-be spammers read this message, please stop sending me ideas for a so-called "cure." Don't bug me or anyone else with cancer. We have enough on our plates as it is.


  1. I tried commenting on your blog the other day but it wouldn't go through. I just wanted to say it is a great blog. I got the name of it from a BC Mets website. Would you please be able to let me know how you get weekly Google alerts regarding breast cancer? I'm really not that computer-savvy in any way but would definitely enjoy getting updates. Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Here's the link: http://www.google.com/alerts

    Search terms: "metastatic breast cancer"
    Type: News
    How often: Once a week (all I could handle)
    Volume: Only the best results
    And entered my email address.

    I hope this helps!