April 18, 2011

Happy Passover!

The house is clean, the cooking is done, the table is set, and I've got a short break before we begin celebrating Passover with family (my mom) and friends (family of the heart).

My favorite line from the haggadah goes like this: In every generation, every individual should feel as though he or she had actiually been redeemed from Egypt.

The Hebrew word for Egypt is mitsrayim, meaning "from the narrow places." So going forth from Egypt refers to going from slavery to freedom, as well as it can mean leaving our troubles behind us. Many of us carry our narrow places with us all the time. For me, living with advanced cancer is that narrow place. I try not to carry it around with me, but life in CancerLand is an ever-present constant in my life.

This Pesach I celebrate that I have the strength to clean the house, make the seder, and enjoy being with family of all kinds. Again I will try to leave my personal mitsrayim behind and enter into the freedom of enjoying life.

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