April 12, 2011

Gemzar dose #5

Yesterday I had my fifth dose of Gemzar (the first one of the third round). Although everything was slow to get started, I had a hot mocha in my thermos, cold seltzer in a can, a good book (American Rose, the new biography of Gypsy Rose Lee), the daily crossword puzzle and a couple of new apps to play with on my iPhone. My hematocrit was a little bit down, but it's been lower and Dr G has still decided I should get treatment.

I ran an errand and picked up ground sumac at the new Penzey's Spices store downtown, then came home, spoke to my Mom and my Mum and took a three hour nap on the sofa. Made some chicken soup for dinner, enriched with leftover meatballs and vegetables, a beaten egg and lemon juice (sort of a poor man's avgolemono soup, not nearly as good as at the Continental). You can find a recipe here.

In the evening I ran a small fever of 99.7 degrees, but a Vicodin  brought my temperature down. At 4 AM I awoke with another fever. Luckily I keep meds bedside as well as a glass of water. I sleepily reached out and took another Vicodin, which soon addressed the headache, achy back, night sweat and other fever symptoms. Of course, at that point I realized I had to use the bathroom, so I took my temperature and saw that the fever was only 99.3 degrees. (I am supposed to call the oncologist if a fever hits 100.5 degrees but decided it was the better part of valor to take the Vicodin and not wake anyone else at 4 AM.)

Eventually I fell back asleep around 6 and stayed in bed until just after nine o'clock. I plan to take things easy today. If the runny nose continues and the fever climbs to that magic number, I promise I will call the doctor's office.


  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Hi Jill..
    I just found your blog because Patience is following my new blog and you are on her list of blogs she follows...I was struck by your title because mine is Dancing through Cancer.....!!
    You might want to see mine...I will read more of yours..
    Keep dancing!

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