April 20, 2011

Passover update

I've been frogged!
We had a great seder with ten family and friends. Between the Passover charades, the loud singing, throwing the frog plagues and giggling hysterically while N gargled the "water" part of Chad Gadya, we had a rocking good time.

Our menu:
Bubbe Sara's seder plate
Ashkenazi charoset (apples and nuts with wine and cinnamon
Sephardi charoset (dried fruits with Yemenite spices)
Fresh-grated horseradish root
Crudites with guacamole and onion confit
Gefilte fish with both white and red horseradish and hard-boiled eggs
Chicken soup with knaydlach (floaters, not sinkers)
Green salad
Roast turkey and chicken in white wine with artichokes, leeks and mushrooms
Quinoa with mixed vegetables

And matzah, and LOTS of wine, including a Canadian Okanogan Valley ice wine for the final two cups.

If you celebrated Pesach, I hope your holiday was as much fun as ours!

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  1. Stephanie10:08 PM

    So, you are in the quinoa is kosher camp.
    I think I need some of those cookies. Thanks for the link.
    Happy Passover!

    (my secret word? Oproust