April 05, 2011

Getting back to normal

I seem to have a little more energy today.

I kind of overdid things on the weekend: helped at synagogue and led the musaf service in the morning, then ushered at the Paramount Theatre in the evening. Billy Elliott was very enjoyable, even though I didn't walk out humming any of the songs. Still, the number of kids dancing onstage was satisfying to this former dancer, and the kid who played Billy was wonderful.

At my request, the Seattle Theatre Group staff placed me behind the desk handing out electronic hearing devices. This kept me from having to touch hundreds of tickets held by other people. Then at the end of the evening, several cast members came out to the lobby to collect donations for Equity Cares/Broadway Fights AIDS. That reminded of when I worked for the NW AIDS Foundation. I reminisced with the cast and house staff about collecting donations for Audiences Fight AIDS, then counting all the dirty dollar bills afterwards. They don't call it filthy lucre for nothing!

All this meant I had no reserves for Sunday, could hardly walk the dog with Rik much less get started on the ironing. I did nothing all day long.

Monday was somewhat better. It felt like I spent the entire day in the car. Well, an entire day for me, which is only about four hours. I took the dog to the groomer; went to the bank, library and Costco; picked up the dog with his new REALLY short haircut; and took Rik home from school. Then I crashed.

Today was also productive. I had an afternoon meeting, then did the rest of the grocery shopping at the local Whole Foods so we could support Seattle Public Theatre, which today received 5% of the store's sales. I did find almost everything on my list except the sumac. I anticipate a trip to Market Spice soon, the only place in Seattle where I can find it in bulk.

Still waiting to hear back from Dr G's office about whether or not I will have chemo next week.


  1. Hello! I came across your blog through a cancer website's web recommendations - I'm glad I did! Your blog is well written, informative, and an interesting read. I got diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of last September with metastasis to my liver, spine, ribs and uterus. It's definitely a crazy ride, but I do believe I have my whole life ahead of me, except that I have a fight (or a dance!) with this disease and I just need to take the bad with the good. Your blog has given me incentive that people with BC mets can have regular, normal lives. I wish you much happiness and good health!

  2. It helps being busy when you are going through a crisis,probably the lesser time you get to think about what has happened helps cure faster.At least that has been my theory...but tracking the medical help and regular check ups is a must.