April 27, 2011


No, it doesn't mean son of a bitch. SOB is medical alphabet soup for shortness of breath, which I've had the past two days, along with some pain upon a deep inhale. Nothing hurts when I press against the area, so I may be anemic (required a blood transfusion a few weeks ago). Or there may be a tumor pressing against a rib, or my liver, or a lung. I don't want to self-diagnose, so I will report these symptoms to Dr G tomorrow and find out what he thinks.

Meanwhile last night it was challenging to walk from the restaurant to the car (although I did eat a big dinner -- yay post-Passover pizza!). In order to breathe easily, I fell asleep on my back last night. Back pain woke me after an hour and a half. I couldn't get comfortable and started to grow anxious about not being able to breathe deeply. Some Ativan helped me relax and fall sound asleep until 9 AM.

I see Dr G in the morning and will report all these symptoms to him, as well as get his take on next steps in treatment.

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