March 27, 2011

Yet another death from cancer

A friend from my support group died this weekend. D, a very spiritual person, was a regular at this group for far longer than I. His cancer progressed quickly and his doctor recently told me there were no more treatment options that were likely to be effective. D decided to stop treatment and enjoy his life for as long as he could; the doctors hoped through the end of the year

Sadly, the cancer seemed to progress faster than anyone expected. D began to fail a little more than a week ago and started hospice at that time. He came to group on the 17th looking pale but still giving us suggestions on where to take a walk to enjoy the spring weather. D was looking forward to giving a talk on spirituality last week when we heard that he was failing and slipping in and out of consciousness. I heard this morning that he had died. I imagine that his grown children were able to make it back to Seattle in time for the funeral today, but don't know if they each had a chance to say goodbye. Rik and I will try to make it to a shiva minyan this week (if my health permits after tomorrow's planned fourth dose of Gemzar).

Zichrono l'vracha, may his memory be for a blessing to all who knew him.

Cancer sucks.


  1. Yep. Cancer sucks.

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  4. Big time.

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, Jill. Let's all remember to enjoy this spring weather when it does show up - everyone outside for a walk.